Volume 9-Mountain Biking at Ambler NY State Forest

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Welcome back to The Road Less Travelled series. The last story in this series was published on March 24th. Spring was just arriving, however, remnants of Winter remained. Now that Summer is fast approaching, I hope to resume my exploration of forests and back roads in Central NY State. This story picks up where I left off, at Ambler NY State Forest near Holmesville, NY. This time I was mountain biking as opposed to hiking.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 3 months since my last visit to this beautiful…

Dreaming of Garden Ripe Tomatoes

Tomatoes Ready For the Garden/Author Photo

I look forward to this every year. The main event. Planting tomatoes! This year again I am planting heirlooms. Some familiar ones, some new ones. As always it will be interesting to see the results.

Back on March 20th, which seems like so long ago now, I planted tomato seeds. This year I planted an heirloom mixture, along with some induvial heirloom varieties.

Germination was successful, and eventually I transplanted them into individual peat pots. This is the first step in the hardening off process.

In the meantime, I set up the portable greenhouse on…

Benefits Include Physical, Emotional, and Nutritional

In the Garden/Author Photo

Over the last few days, I have taken a little break from gardening, mainly because of the stretch of cold and rainy weather. I have continued to plant a few things, including green beans, cucumbers, and pumpkins. More stories to follow. While I make sure all danger of frost has passed before planting my tomato and pepper plants, I decided to reflect on the many benefits of gardening.

As we all know, gardening has been a great pandemic activity, something to do while being outdoors and socially distanced. Many have discovered gardening during the…

Two Different Planting Methods to Try

Planting Russian Banana Fingerling Potatoes/Author Photo

Hello fellow gardeners, recently it has been incredibly warm and dry. The last few days have been in the high 80s; it feels like we skipped ahead to July or August. It is great for gardening, however, it is again getting dry. If you have never planted potatoes I encourage you to give it a try. This article details the traditional planting method plus a new method that I am experimenting with.

Planting potatoes involves some work. At least the traditional method does. The alternate method, which I will describe, requires very little effort…

Thanks Amethyst for the article! Interesting birds. Here in central NY we get Mourning Doves only.

Thanks Kim another great article. Hopefully this will encourage more people to give bird watching a try. A great hobby for sure!

Thanks for the article Kim! Great update on the owls. I rarely see one, it is rare to observe what you are seeing.

Dan Pfeifer

An avid blogger for 7 years, I focus on vegetable gardening and bird watching. My posts offer a wealth of information on both topics and many photos to enjoy.

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